Lie Detection Testing Services

What to Know About Our Lie Detection Testing Services

Did you know that it takes far more effort to hide the truth than to be honest? Even pathological liars that seem to conjure half-truths without blinking an eye cannot deceive their bodies. This is precisely why lie detection testing services are so popular and why, in many cases, they contribute useful evidence to important cases. If your instincts are pointing in the direction of an employee or spouse possibly lying, or if you wish to mitigate possible future deception, then you may find our services here at Nighthawk Polygraph valuable.

lie detection testing services

Why Do People Hide the Truth?

As a society, we are likely far more dishonest than we think. One look at social media and it’s easy to tell who only gives us the filtered pictures and highlight reel of their life. Telling the dinner party host that their meal was superb when in actuality it was rather dry, or even remarking how adorable your colleague’s child is when you don’t find the infant cute at all are all examples of white lies people often tell. Of course, lies are lies, but some lies have more serious consequences – such as covering up a crime, concealing an extra-marital affair, or committing fraud.

People usually fib to protect themselves, because honesty is likely to cause others to think poorly of them. Some people deceive to protect the feelings of others, make themselves seem more impressive, or avoid punishment. Where lie detection testing services come in, however, is when concealing the truth results in criminal activity or irreparably damages the trust between an employer and their staff or individuals in a committed relationship. Exposing falsehoods in these circumstances could save a business, family, or the life of someone in danger.

How the Process Works

Lie detection testing services are founded on the basis that when people try to deceive another, their body’s physiological responses change. Detecting these changes is twofold; first, the right questions need to be asked, and secondly, the polygraph machine will detect any changes that do happen when the right question is asked and the individual decides to conceal the truth. Polygraph tests usually entail attaching four to six sensors to a person that record heart rate, breathing rate, blood pressure, and perspiration on the skin. An increase in the rate of one’s pulse and respiration, spiking blood pressure, and increased sweating usually indicates a form of deception.

The Role of a Well-Trained Polygraphist

Lie detection testing services also require an experienced and well-trained polygraphist, because offering a polygraph test without the right training poses a major ethical dilemma. When it comes to the seriousness of such issues, you want to know that you are getting the most accurate results possible. Here at Nighthawk Polygraph, you can trust our expertise in the field. With decades of experience in the industry and extensive training, you will be hard-pressed to find lie detection testing services as thorough and effective as we are. Because we operate under the Code of Conduct and Ethics of the American Polygraph Association, you can expect reliable and professional expertise from us.

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