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Why You Should Only Trust Nighthawk Polygraph for Lie Detector Tests in Gauteng

We’ve all seen those dramatic lie detector test scenes in Hollywood movies. Someone is strapped to a machine drawing a graph. The tough detective asks two or three questions, the graph pen goes crazy, and boom! The criminal is found to be guilty and their whole scam comes crashing down.

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Neat and easy. Except, as is often the case with movies, this is not how it works in reality – at all.

Polygraph tests are meant to assist in the verification of truth or the detection of deception only and require extensive training and experience – something not every so-called examiner in Gauteng can offer.

This distinction is essential, as polygraph tests aren’t miracle machines that spew out a definitive true or false to every single answer a person gives. It is a supporting method that can help verify certain issues or accusations, corroborate a person’s story where necessary, or uncover areas which require further investigation.

Nighthawk Polygraph in Gauteng is a leading provider of this service and can be trusted to follow the right procedures and deliver quality work.

So, what makes Nighthawk Polygraph the top choice for lie detector tests in Gauteng?

Being the leading provider of lie detector tests in Gauteng is not merely a grandiose claim to set us apart from competitors. Uncovering the truth is a serious task with real consequences, which is why Nighthawk Polygraph approaches this with the greatest care and expertise possible.

Here are five top reasons why you should choose Nighthawk Polygraph to conduct reliable lie detector tests in Gauteng:

1. We Use the Industry-Approved Method

We strictly avoid the Voice Stress Testing method, as this is simply not a reliable method of detecting deception or verifying the truth at all, and there are no independent studies to prove otherwise. Additionally, this method tends to report a large number of false positives and negatives, making it a pointless and dangerous tool.

2. We Don’t Rush the Results

Lie detection requires sensitivity, focus and special skills. Our process takes a minimum of 90 minutes. Be sceptical when an examiner takes 60 minutes or less, or when they claim that their method is 100% accurate.

3. We Boast Extensive Experience

Our qualified Forensic Psychophysiologist, Fritz Stols, has 12 years of experience in the South African Police Service and 18 years in the private security industry under his belt, and has been doing lie detector tests under the Nighthawk Polygraph name since 2007.

4. Our Actions Are Backed by Professional Training

Fritz Stols has received his training locally at the Truth Verification Testing Centre, as well as further training at the Academy of Polygraph Science in Fort Myers, Florida, USA – an APA Accredited School.

5. We Are Accredited

Our adherence to industry standards is guaranteed by our affiliation with several governing bodies, including the National Polygraph Association locally, as well as in the United Kingdom and the USA.

If you are looking for a professional to assist you with lie detector tests in Gauteng, get in touch with Fritz Stols at Nighthawk Polygraph right away for best results.

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