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Nighthawk Polygraph should be your first choice in the Detection Of Deception / Truth Verification.We are in the business of Lie Detecting since 2007 with a wealth of experience in searching of the truth and detecting lies.Our principles are based on integrity, honesty and professionalism in search of the truth to balance the scales of justice.

I only use Polygraph Testing as research and independent  scientific studies has shown that the evidence based accuracy of the Polygraph is 93%

Although I was trained and certified as a Forensic Voice Stress Examiner (CVSA) I do not use the method and distance myself completely from any form of Voice Stress Testing as it is simply not a reliable method of Detecting Deception/Truth Verification at all and there is no independent studies to proof otherwise. Also a lot of false positive and false negatives are being reported by the users of especially  voice stress.I adhere to the Code Of Conduct of the APA (American Polygraph Association) which does not endorse any Voice Stress Testing

Each Polygraph Examination are being recorded via Video and Audio and the minimum duration of each test is 90 minutes.

I pride myself as a true professional and will guarantee customer satisfaction

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Nighthawk Polygraph Investigations is rendering a 24/7 nationwide service.

Nighthawk Polygraph is the preferred service provider for Rand Refinery, Germiston