Lie Detection Testing Service

Understanding the Lie Detection Testing Service and its Applications If you should happen to utter the word “polygraph” when chatting with your friends or colleagues, the chances are that the mention will conjure up images of FBI interrogations and courtroom dramas. However, while lie detection testing services are widely used within the criminal justice systems […]

Polygraph Examiner Gauteng

In Search of the Truth: The Go-To Polygraph Examiner in Gauteng The truth can be a very elusive thing. Deception happens all around us on a daily basis – mainly in harmless and non-malicious ways. But when justice and the wellbeing of others is at stake, uncovering the truth becomes an essential requirement. In such […]

Lie Detector Tests

We Answer Your Frequently Asked Questions About Our Lie Detector Tests Here at Nighthawk Polygraph, we often receive a slew curious queries about our line of work and available services. For some, polygraph examinations are best-known for how often they feature in crime novels, television programs, and movies. Lie detector tests are very real, however, […]

Lie Detection Testing Services

What to Know About Our Lie Detection Testing Services Did you know that it takes far more effort to hide the truth than to be honest? Even pathological liars that seem to conjure half-truths without blinking an eye cannot deceive their bodies. This is precisely why lie detection testing services are so popular and why, […]

Polygraph Testing Services

When Should You Use Polygraph Testing Services? It is more than likely that you have heard of a lie detector test before. Films often use them in dramatic police interrogation scenes where law enforcement is looking to out a spy or criminal. Polygraph testing services, however, feature in a variety of applications, from pre-employment assessments […]