• Tariffs are dependent on number of tests being done and travel distance
  • Discount for bulk testing and contracts being entered into
  • Travel fee might be applicable
  • PLEASE NOTE: No results will be released unless prior payment is received for tests done
  • REQUIREMENTS FOR EXAMINATION: A private office or room with a table and two chairs…..as little as possible noise as the setting for the examination may influence the outcome of examination. No open area examinations will be done
  • If client has no suitable location for examination an arrangement can be made and I will supply the venue for the examination which will be suitable for the examination.

CAUTION: South Africa is flooded with under qualified/ not properly trained Polygraph Examiners that are not following recognized and validated test protocols and does not belong to not a recognized organization which are NOT operating under the American Polygraph Association Code of Conduct and EthicsSame apply for Voice Stress which is also not Scientifically Tested and Validated, No validated researched are in existence that it actually does workPlease very cautious when choosing your Polygraph Examiner. When an Examiner is doing an examination in 60 mins or less or claims that he’s method is 100 % accurate, he/she is not being honest and you as client will not get correct results/back up from the examiner once the test is completed.

polygraph testing
polygraph testing